Digital Narrative Games Reflection

First two games I played were honestly my favorite which where spent and the BBC Syrian refugee game. Sadly because I wasn’t present during class time I wasn’t able to reflect with my classmates but I have a lot to say about both games. Regarding the game spent I wanted to say that I was very stressed playing the game as I had to take several decisions and then seeing my money count going down and thinking how will I continue if I keep spending like this. Seeing how stressful it is in game, I can’t begin to imagine how it is playing this game in your actual life. Having to prioritize things over one another and having to always look at the opportunity cost of each decision in life and how one small decision can ruin your entire life. The fact that there is a bit of luck while taking the decisions always causes huge stress. Similarly the BBC game had a huge impact on my way of thinking. Because when I was playing taking the decision was as simple as pushing a button. But refugees have to take these decision which will impact how they will continue on living the rest of their lives. They have to take huge decisions just after they came out from a huge trauma and most probably they are not in the right mindset to be taking such significant decisions in their lives. It made me thankful of the environment I live in and one must help the people in need by any means possible.

Another game I played was project Honduras, which was actually less stressful and is made more to raise awareness than actually play on your emotions. The game’s animations and design helped keep the game entertaining while still portraying an important message. I think it is a good way to send a message especially that it will resonate a ton with the younger demographic as it is a very simple game and its design is very pleasing. The other professionally made game I played was responsible partying and to be honest it didn’t resonate with me that much because of many reasons. first of all it wasn’t well made at all and secondly for me personally this is not an issue of much significance so I couldn’t really relate at all. But im sure that others can benefit more from the game than I did. Lastly the games I played made by fellow students were Special Olympics and a mother’s dilemma. Both games revolved around decisions parents have to take daily regarding their children and I think the games really reflected the hardships of those decisions. I think the games were very well made and i am very impressed because at some stages of both games I was very hesitant with which decision I think is the best decision to take and each one would have a different outcome which I don’t know would be positive or negative. Overall I think the narrative driven games were very eye opening and I actually enjoyed playing them rather than reading about the cases themselves. It was a fun way to learn instead of the usual.

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